Educational Evaluation

If diagnostic testing has already been done, but additional information is needed to guide instructional and intervention planning, Dr. Rooney can conduct an educational evaluation.

Parents often ask how to describe the evaluation to their child. A good explanation might be to say that your child will be doing activities that will identify your child’s strengths and abilities. You might also say that the activities are not really like tests in school where you get grades.

Dr. Rooney will need four hours, scheduled over two days to administer cognitive processing tests, including the Dyslexia Profile, and achievement tests from the Woodcock-Johnson IV as well as any other tests if needed. Classroom samples and previous testing results are helpful, and can be brought to the first session. Parents are welcome to stay in the waiting area, but do not need to remain the entire time, unless they wish to do so or their child will be more comfortable if they stay. A snack will be provided, but please bring any snack that you would prefer your child to have, particularly if your child has food allergies.

A one hour feedback will be scheduled to review the results, and a comprehensive report with the scores produced by the scoring systems of the tests will be sent electronically along with supplemental documents to help parents and teachers understand the test data and implement educational recommendations.

A release of information will also be sent and Dr. Rooney is happy to speak with physicians, teachers or school administrators by phone, but does need written permission to do so.

Dr. Rooney is available for any follow-up services needed; however, fees will apply to additional services (such as coaching, school visits or learning strategy instruction) that are not included in the testing process.

Educational testing and services are not covered by insurance. Payment is expected at the time of the service unless other arrangements have been made, and credit card payment is not an option. The fee for the Educational Evaluation is $850.

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