Comprehensive Collaborative Evaluation

Steven Butnik, Ph.D. LCP Karen J. Rooney, Ph.D.
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Thank you for your interest in having a comprehensive, collaborative evaluation. The steps are described below so you understand the process we have developed to provide a "best practice" approach to assessment. Dr. Butnik and Dr. Rooney have entered into collaboration because of concerns about the overlap of learning and attention problems.

The ADD-ED Evaluation is a more multidisciplinary approach designed to reduce multiple evaluations, identify all areas that need to be addressed and provide more in-depth follow-up after the evaluation. Please call 804-747-1883 if you wish to schedule an evaluation.

The evaluation process looks like this:

  • Dr. Rooney will have an initial phone conversation to identify the questions and concerns that prompted the request for an evaluation. If the ADD-ED Evaluation is a good match, an appointment will be scheduled.

  • Dr. Rooney will send a parent form to obtain information about background, medical history, developmental milestones and school history as well as a teacher form with a checklist related to school performance.

  • Dr. Butnik will send on-line forms that address social-emotional well-being as well as working memory and attention. He will use a checklist to assess executive function as well. These questionnaires are normed to indicate behaviors or concerns that are reported at higher levels than usual by parents and teachers. If an appointment is cancelled, a fee will be applied to cover the costs of the questionnaires if they have already been sent.

    During his three hour appointment, Dr. Butnik will also conduct a clinical interview so parents are requested to stay for the first hour. He will then administer a Wechsler Intelligence Scale (if one has not already been administered), a CPT computerized assessment of attention and additional tests if needed.

  • Dr. Rooney's appointment is four hours, scheduled over two days. She will administer cognitive processing tests, the Dyslexia Profile and achievement tests from the Woodcock-Johnson IV as well as any other tests if needed. Classroom samples and previous testing are helpful to bring to the session. Parents are welcome to stay in the waiting area, but do not need to stay for the entire time, unless they wish to do so or their child will be more comfortable if they remain. A snack will be provided, but please bring any snack that you would prefer your child to have, particularly if your child has food allergies.

  • Dr. Butnik and Dr. Rooney will review all the data and produce a draft report.

  • Dr. Butnik and Dr. Rooney will both meet with the family to discuss the findings and recommendations.

  • A comprehensive report with the scores produced by the scoring systems of the tests will be sent electronically along with supplemental documents to help parents and teachers understand the test data and implement educational recommendations. A release of information will also be sent and Dr. Butnik and Dr. Rooney are happy to speak with physicians, teachers or school administrators by phone, but need written permission to do so.

  • Dr. Butnik and Dr. Rooney are both available for any follow-up services needed; however, fees will apply to additional services (such as counseling, coaching, school visits or learning strategy instruction) not included in the testing process.

Evaluation Components: Record review, Clinical Interview, Wechsler Intelligence Scale - Fifth Edition (WISCV), Woodcock-Johnson Tests-Fourth Edition (includes Cognitive Tests, Tests of Oral Language, Dyslexia Profile Battery and Achievement Tests), additional tests if needed, data analysis, hour feedback session and report. If attention is a significant concern when the evaluation is scheduled, a qEEG is recommended to obtain objective data to identify an attention disorder, particularly if medication is being considered.

Fees: Dr. Butnik - $825 and Dr. Rooney - $900. If the qEEG is done, an additional hour will need to be scheduled and a fee of $165 will be charged. If any evaluation components have been done recently (such as a WISC-V for school admissions), the appropriate number of hourly fees will be deducted. Dr. Butnik does not submit for insurance, but will provide necessary information that can be submitted to an insurance company.

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