Educational Services for High School Age

Learning Strategy Instruction for high school students is designed to develop more efficient study strategies to improve learning, homework completion and test-taking performance. The program teaches strategies that guide processing, support focus and attention as well as facilitate review, particularly to support performance on tests and exams.

Research has shown improvement from 1-3 letter grades just through the use of the strategies. Explicit strategies for vocabulary, reading, writing, spelling, grammar, mathematics, foreign language and note-taking using direct instruction.Click here for research studies.

The program is designed to empower the student in the learning process and includes 4 hours of instruction and a manual. Templates will be developed for use with other computer programs, such as Quizlet.

Vocabulary Program builds general vocabulary and can help students prepare students for the SAT/ACT tests. Success on the Verbal sections requires a strong vocabulary, but increasing word knowledge takes time. Students will be taught to use a software program that supports learning new words and makes frequent review easy. The program can be monitored by a parent or tutor, and includes 1/2 hour of instruction. Templates will be developed so the strategy can be used with other computer programs, such as Quizlet.

Writing Skills Program will develop stronger skills to enable secondary students to express their ideas in writing. The sessions will clearly identify the basic goals of writing and will include instruction in understanding the functions of basic grammar, Reverse Diagramming, Upgrade Proofing and Cloze writing activities. The program includes 3 hours of instruction and the PC computer software. Templates can be developed for use with other computer programs, such as Word.

Reverse Diagramming instruction is designed to improve reading fluency and written expression. In Reverse Diagramming, the student must organize sentences according to visual models called sentence grids. An initial training session is required and on-going monitoring can be done by a parent or tutor. The fee includes the instruction and a manual.

Wordstorming is a user-friendly literacy program. Each lesson covers decoding, word attack/segmentation, spelling, vocabulary, writing, and reading fluency. An initial 2-3 hour training is required with one follow-up meeting to make sure the program is being implemented correctly. The program includes the instruction and the workbooks.

Get Organized!

Traditional tools (like calendars or agendas) may not provide sufficient structure or support for some students. This class teaches basic organizational strategies based on the concepts of advance organization, authentic visual support and external organization and involve each student in the planning to create individualized systems. The students learn to make:

Self-monitoring Agendas
Visual Calendars
Authentic Visual Supports
External Organization Systems
Notebooks with Windows

Individual sessions are available for parent consultation and self-monitoring instruction.

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