Parent Consultation

Individual sessions can be scheduled to discuss concerns about learning or school performance academic performance.

Instruction in the use of the Wordstorming program is available for parents of children in grades 2-5.

Instruction in the Learning Strategy program is designed to teach parents strategies that can be used during homework time to produce a cumulative review system that helps students study material independently. If a review system is not produced, parents may feel as though they are constantly reteaching or reviewing; with the use of the program, the instruction is intensified and the review systems allow the child to review the material as often as needed. The program guides parents to make the selection of critical information easier, support focus of attention and include retrieval practice to prepare for tests.

Self-monitoring of Attention is a program designed to increase on-task behavior during homework time and is implemented at home. The goals are improvement in the child’s ability to stay focused when doing independent academic work and a reduction in the amount of time spent completing homework assignments.

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