Reverse Diagramming

Reverse Diagramming was developed to improve reading and writing skills at the sentence level. Understanding how language is structured increases the ability to maneuver phrases and clauses to improve reading speed, comprehension, and written expression. Using a transformational sentence-building program develops an understanding of the deep structures of language in an easy, effective manner.

The program will help children:

* Learn grammar
* Understand the rules of syntax
* Read text more accurately and quickly
* Write more descriptive and informative sentences

The program is an adaptation of the traditional sentence diagramming used in many schools; however, sentence diagramming requires the recognition of language structures as opposed to their organization. In Reverse Diagramming, the student must organize the sentences according to visual models called sentence grids.

See Grades 4 & 5 Services, Middle School Services, or High School Services for instructional offerings.

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