Independent Strategies

Knowing how to learn is an important part of the learning process. Independent Strategies for Efficient Study empowers the individual in the learning process by teaching clear, simple, explicit strategies that will improve performance.

The strategies are designed to engage the thinking of the student in the learning process. The program includes strategies for following directions, reading (fiction and non-fiction), spelling, writing, math, advance organizers, charting, English grammar, notetaking during class, foreign language, vocabulary development, proofing and test-taking. All the strategies produce review systems to support retention over time.

Though all students can use the program to improve their performance,research has shown that this particular package of strategies resulted in significant improvement in actual classroom performance for students with attention problems and learning disabilities.

The strategy training develops an understanding of the basic concepts that support learning and test-taking. Each strategy is designed to make the student do the same type of processing successful students do. Focus, memory, attention, processing, comprehension and task completion are supported through the use of the strategies.

Research Studies

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